Next Steps
When babies are born they do not know how to crawl, walk or run. These are things that are learned over time with the encouragement and instruction of others. We learn to walk as our muscles grow, as we begin to develop the ability to balance, as we are encouraged by others, and has we begin to take baby steps toward a daily life of walking and running. 
When it comes to our faith, it is much like learning to walk. We have a desire to move beyond our current situation, and we begin to develop the actions and attitudes that lead us closer to God. We take steps toward a daily life of love and worship of God.
The Next Steps Guides are a tool to help you take next steps in developing a faith that “walks” daily with God. They are encouragement and instruction to help you know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ and share Christ!
There are five guides. They do not have a particular order, however, it is suggested you begin with the Guide to Living Life. This will introduce you to Christ, and what it means to live life for God’s glory. The other four guides will help you in Knowing Christ, Growing in Christ, Serving Christ, Sharing Christ.