Spiritual Gifts

Imagine you needed to hang a picture on the wall and the only tool you had in your toolbox was a saw.  It would be difficult to measure the right spot for the nail, frustrating to hammer and nearly impossible to make the picture level.  What if, however, your toolbox had a tape measure, hammer and level.  You would be able to hang the picture with ease!  Too often, many Christians go through life trying to “hammer with a saw.”

This page is designed to be a resource to help you identify your God given spiritual gifts.  Discovering and living your spiritual gifts allows you to experience maximum fulfillment and minimal frustration in your life and ministry.  We are like “tools” in God’s toolbox–each one with a unique purpose, each one important and each one necessary for a complete toolbox.

Any one of the below links will help you identify your spiritual gifts.  Each link offers a few different resources so pick the one you think best.

  • Spiritual Gifts Discovery Tool – A PDF questionnaire designed to help you discover your spiritual gifts.  Includes an explanation of each gift with biblical references. 85 questions.
  • Spiritual Gifts Resources – United Methodist spiritual gift resource page that includes gift assessment, explanation of gifts, reflection questions to help develop gifts and additional resource links.
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