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When is Living Life’s final worship service?
Over the last several months as a church we have been seeking to discern, with God’s help, what is next for Living Life. We completed a church-wide survey in February, listened to the congregation’s input, and met with church leaders. We have spent time in prayer, reflection, and deep work together. We came to the conclusion to “close” Living Life Church on May 20, 2018, and redirect our passion and resources into new ministries.  As hard as this decision was to make we believe God is calling us to more fruitful stewardship as individuals and as a church.
Where will people worship after Living Life’s final service?
We’re hopeful each person will find a church within their community in which to continue to live life for God’s glory. We do know that several people will be attending Harvest UMC, which is new church beginning in September, a group of people will be attending First UMC in Allen (Abe will be serving at FUMCA), and others will be a part of other United Methodist Churches in the area. There will be a handful of opportunities for the people of Living Life to gather together during the summer. To learn more about churches in the area click here.
Where will the staff go?
Abe Smith, minister, will move to First United Methodist Church of Allen as the minister of Community Connections and Ministry Innovation. He will also continue to serve the people of Living Life UMC helping to ensure each person finds a faith community in which to grow as a disciple.
Josh Vigran, worship leader, has a new opportunity which we will announce next week.
Kathleen Tortolani, Kid Life Life Director, served part-time at Living Life while maintaining a full-time job in the field of childcare. She will continue at her full-time job.
Nikki Rieken, Student Life Director, served part-time at Living Life while attending Law School. Nikki will continue with her law degree.
Lisa Romans, Executive Administrator, will remain on staff at Living Life to work on the continued needs necessary with the church transition.
What will we do with our Portable Church worship gear and resources?
We will gift our church equipment, worship supplies, and trailer to Harvest United Methodist Church. Harvest UMC is a new church launching out of First UMC of McKinney. Harvest will focus on the area of Trinity Falls, which is just a few minutes northeast of where Living Life UMC worshiped. Harvest will begin regular Sunday worship in September 2019.
What will we do with the land we were purchasing?
The 10 acres we had planned to eventually build on belongs to the North Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. The NT Conference was holding the land in trust until we were able to purchase it from them. The NT Conference will make any decision regarding the property.
Can I still give financially to Living Life UMC and where will the money go?
Yes, financial gifts may be made to Living Life UMC through FUMC of Allen. You may give online or send you gifts to Living Life UMC (601 S Greenville Ave, Allen, TX 75002). Financial gifts received will go toward our continued mission efforts in the community, the House of Hope, and any new ministry opportunities which may be created throughout this summer.