Seeking Others
Have you ever had a really great experience in life?  Maybe you went to an amazing restaurant, stayed at a great campground, ate a delicious dessert, rode an awesome roller coaster, or watched a touching movie. What’s one of the first things you do after such a wonder experience…you seek out some way to tell others.  Maybe you post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Maybe it’s a text, a phone call or you personally go and get them to share your same experience.
The greatest experience of life is to walk in a relationship with Jesus. If you are a Christ follower then you certainly know what it means to be a new creation, to experience the greatest of loves, to live with hope, to be forgiven, to be led by the Holy Spirit, to experience lasting joy and peace, to discover your true potential and purpose, to have the confidence of eternal life and so much more.  It’s time to seek others and share Christ with them!

Sharing Your Faith

Sharing our faith with others can be difficult to do and it’s easy to make excuses as to why not to share Christ. We fear rejection, the loss of a friendship, feel we will mess things up, or won’t have the right words. Yet, bringing the truth of the gospel to other people can stretch our faith, be rewarding and ultimately have an eternal impact in people’s lives. Maybe the only thing that is keeping someone from knowing Christ is what’s keeping you from sharing Christ with them.
There is no perfect formula for sharing the love of Christ.  God calls us all to spread the good news! Here are some ways to help encourage you to live out that calling.
  • Pray – pray for the opportunity to share Christ’s love, for the courage to begin faith conversations, for calmness of mind and clarity of words. Also, be in prayer for the specific person(s) you are wanting to share Christ with. When appropriate, tell others you’re praying for them.
  • Share Your Story – Don’t hide or play-down the importance of your faith in Christ. When it naturally fits a conversation, freely talk about the role of your church, prayer, Scripture and Christian community have in your life. Let others see the joy and purpose you find in your faith.
  • Build Relationships Find common ground you have with others. Deepen your relationships by asking sincere questions, spending time together and investing in the lives of others.
  • Be prepared – Think through what you want to say. Why are you wanting others to know Christ and what questions do you think they will have for you. Practice sharing your faith with people you are already comfortable with or talk to yourself in the mirror.
  • Accountability -Let someone else know that you are working on sharing Christ. Ask them to check in on you on a regular basis to see how things are going. Let them know of specific ways they can be in prayer for you and for the people you want to connect with the love of Christ.
  • Be Attentive – Pay attention to the nudges and promptings of the Holy Spirit. When you’re unsure about when or what to say about your faith, say a little pray and let God be your guide.