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Start the year off right by being a part of our “Back To School Sunday” on August 20 at 10:30am at Baker Elementary! It’s a fun morning focused on encouraging students, school staff and families in the upcoming school year.
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Tips and Resources for parents
Encouragement and prayer for school staff
Students, Be sure to join us in worship. There will be no Sunday School or small groups on Aug 20. (Nursery and Pre-school will be available).
As you begin the school year here are a few tips, resources and prayers to help you have a successful year…
  • Pray – Take time to pray for your kids, with your kids and for those who will be teaching/leading your kids. See below for some suggested prayers.
  • Let your children know you care – place encouraging notes in lunch, backpack or on bathroom mirror. Model optimism and confidence for your child. Talk about some of the nervousness and anxiety they may face and reassure them that these feelings are normal.
  • Role-play – Consider situations your children may face and talk about strategies to manage situations on his or her own. (EX. What do to if you see someone being bullied. What if you do not have any of your friends in your class. How to handle peer pressure. How to be kind to new students or those who do not seem to have friends.)
  • Establish or Re-establish routines – Routines provide structure and security to kid’s lives.  What are the bedtime and breakfast routines, where do school bags and gym bags go, when and where should homework be completed, etc.
  • Electronic Expectations – What is your plan for TV, smart phones, gadgets and the computer? Consider how much time kids are allowed to use electronics. What times or during what events (dinner) are they to be turned off. What are good activities that can be done in place of playing on electronics.
  • Plan your meals – As a family go ahead and plan the next two weeks of meals.  What will be for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consider freezing a couple of meals to have the first week of school to help reduce stress of meal preparation.  Prepare lunches at night and have the table set for breakfast before everyone goes to bed.
  •  Get plenty of rest – Sleep is important for the kids and the parents. Adequate sleep helps reduce stress, spur creativity, improves memory, sharpens attention and reduces sickness.  Get to bed on time!



Suggested Prayers

Administration: Dear Lord, give eyes of vision and clarity to those whose task it is to oversee. Give them wisdom and prudence to discern the proper path for students. Guide them with Your Spirit to empower teachers and staff, so that young people would find direction, friendliness, and success. We pray for the principals, the administrative staff, the counselors, and all those who guide students. Amen.

Teachers: Gracious God, empower teachers with your patience, wisdom and mercy, so they may be models of grace. Give them commitment, fortitude, and discipline to help students see the best in themselves and in the world. Lord, give them the tools, support and talent needed to inspire students to reach their full potential seeking You in all they do. Amen.

Students: Eternal God, as students run on playgrounds and play fields, as they march in the band, stay awake to finish a science project or cram for a final exam we pray they will rely on You for all things. Be at the center of their lives to ease the struggles, bring about hope, provide guidance and inspire confidence. Fill them with the joy of learning and the passion to serve others in need. Provide them with the wisdom and courage necessary to share Your unconditional love with their fellow classmates. Amen.

Parents: Loving God, give parents the focus and patience to nurture their children in Godly ways, leading them to discover who You created them to become. Help parents to speak and act with grace and love toward their children, teachers, administrators and everyone in whom they are in partnership with this school year. Help parents stand strong upon the foundation of Your truths as they lead their family through this school year.